Gallery „36“, Olomouc   6.6. - 30.6.2009
„Shit, ass, crap – it is our sign.“ Czech proverb

Two months ago we were offered to carry out a project for Gallery „36“ in Olomouc. We accepted the offer and prepared a serious experimental project „12° of art“.

Nevertheless we soon found out that it was impossible to get all the necessary instruments in the Czech Republic and that we could not carry out the intended project.
Therefore we were thrown into extreme conditions. We had to find a way out and offer a new project in just one day.

Naturally we cannot offer anything serious in these conditions. We were inspired by the name of the previous exhibition: „Shit crap“ – Marek Meduna. We could not think of anything more original than to shit in the gallery.

As we have lived in Prague for about ten years, we are familiar enough with the state of Czech art and culture. Anyway we know that the most popular Czech jokes are about shit and ass.

We are aware of the fact that our project is not innovative in the field of contemporary art. But we usually take into account the local environment and its details and we believe that the project will be fully convenient for this context. It might even be quite funny given the particular cultural level. We hope that this joke will be understood to most inhabitants.

On the other hand we are aware that the intellectual aspect of this work of art might not be comprehensible even to local intellectuals because of their insufficient cultural awareness.

To fulfil (in our opinion) this very important cultural mission we are offering a short introduction to the discourse of faeces in contemporary art.
Unfortunately we did not find any materials concerned with this topic in Czech and therefore we can offer just the English version.

Ivars Gravlejs
Avdei Ter-Oganian

Prague, 4. 6. 2009