On the highway of the entrance to Riga, the inscription "Riga" was transformed to the word "Pīča".
For the local people a new name of the capital city may have seemed incomprehensible and probably absurd, because neither in Latvian nor in Russian the word "Pīča" means nothing. At the same time in the most Slavic languages (for example in Czech) "píča" means "cunt".
Thus, almost for five hours Latvian residents were not aware of travelling from "cunt" to "cunt".
This intervention is a part of project about "Riga" with the aim to interact and to explore the socio-economic context of the capital city of Latvia.

Dimensions: 13,4m x 2,6m x 1,4m

In cooperation with Petra Pětiletá


Documentation from the exhibition "RIGA" at Karlin Studios (28/03-22/04/2012) in Prague

Documentation from the exhibition "RIGA" at Riga Art Space (28/04 – 27/05/2012) in Riga