I used photo cameras displayed for sale in electronic good stores like “Saturn” and “Media Markt”. At the beginning of the project, I took pictures only on my own SD cards, but after a while I got bored of repeating the same pictures, and got afraid that the shop assistants will start to recognize me. To continue the project, I decided that “Saturn” and “Media Markt” will be my sponsors. I took out from the packages SD cards for sale and inserted them into the cameras. After some time I come back and collected SD cards from the cameras. This action I have been repeating for several times. The output is the mixture of my and other customer photos.

Documentation from the exhibition "On.Off", 4th Moscow biennale at Arthouse Squat Forum in Moscow, 2011

Documentation from Biel/Bienne Festival of Photograph at PhotoforumPasquArt in Biel/Bienne, 2012