"An informatively musical, visual and interactive insight into the work of some Latvian photographers", 2014
"Informatīvi - muzikāls, vizuāls un interaktīvs ieskats dažu latvijas fotogrāfu daiļradē", 2014

"The work is a sequel to the VJ Bordel project in karaoke form. As a work of art, it can be read and interpreted in a local context only. The work of Latvian photographers is used to create a visualisation of local popular hits. My role as an author is to serve as an intermediary, using the techniques of appropriation and teasing to highlight local creative responses and the current situation.

This work was banned from exhibition "Viewfinders. Contemporary Baltic and Nordic Photography" at Riga ArtSpace.

Karaoke installation at Riga ArtSpace.

Audio documentation from the exhibition opening: